The Stardusters Grand Family 2022 - 2023

Grand Officers

Themes and Projects

Worthy Grand Matron

Worthy Grand Patron

Associate Grand Matron

Associate Grand Patron

Grand Secretary

Grand Treasurer

Grand Conductress

Associate Grand Conductress

Grand Chaplain

Grand Marshal

Grand Organist

Grand Adah

Grand Ruth

Grand Esther

Grand Martha

Grand Electa

Grand Warder

Grand Sentinel

Linda W Stephens (45)

Charles A Rowland (110)

Caroline V Maselli (75)

Wayne S Rettburg (53)

Marilyn C Mattoon, PGM (110)

Craig R MacIntyre, PGP (17)

Wendy L Batterton (25)

Suzanne L Dana (26)

Faith A Jones (75)
Elaine R Kieffer (45)

Ernest A Dubois (25)

Christina A Hitchcock (75)

Eva R Canales (2)

Melanie D Warner (45)

Linda K Adams (103)

Sarah Corey (75)

Judith  T Behler (76)

William H Zaleha (25) protem

AIM: Acknowledgement of All Blessings - Large & Small

MOTTO: Count your blessings

EMBLEMS:  Mardi Gras Mask (WGM) and Lantern (WGP)

HONOR STATION: Chaplain (WGM), Electa (WGP)

COLORS: Shades of Purple, Silver and White (WGM), Red (WGP)

FLOWERS: Purple and White Iris (WGM), Red Rose (WGP)

SCRIPTURE: "Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out." Deut 28:6 (WGM)
"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.  Matt 5:16 (WGP)

Grand Officers Emeritus

Grand Secretary Emeritus

Grand Treasurer Emeritus

Grand Treasurer Emeritus

Meryon S Miner, PGM (53)

Anne-Marie M Ar​nold, PGM (53)

Francine A Bailey, PGM (53)


Let There Be Peace On Earth

Amazing Grace

The Old Rugged Cross

Here I Am Lord

In The Garden

As The Deer

General Grand Chapter Committee Members 2021 - 2024

Community Service


International Headquarters

Regenerative Medicine

Service Dogs


Jeffrey L Wayand, PGP (100)

Maureen R LaPlante, PGM (11)

Shirley L Hungerford, PGM (45)

Jean R Jeanfavre, PGM (110)

Vincent A Kalinauskas, PGP (53)

Maryann D Pronovost, PGM (75)


General Fund

Service Dogs (America's Vet Dogs)

Virginia M Painter Triennial / Investment Fund


Tabs for Tots (Shriner's Hospitals)