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The Memory Makers Grand Family 2021 - 2022

Grand Officers

Themes and Projects

Worthy Grand Matron

Worthy Grand Patron

Associate Grand Matron

Associate Grand Patron

Grand Secretary

Grand Treasurer

Grand Conductress

Associate Grand Conductress

Grand Chaplain

Grand Marshal

Grand Organist

Grand Adah

Grand Ruth

Grand Esther

Grand Martha

Grand Electa

Grand Warder

Grand Sentinel

also in photo:

Grand Master

Anne M M Kellner (106) PGM

Robert H Everest (100)

Linda W Stephens (45)

Charles A Rowland (110)

Marilyn C Mattoon, PGM (110)

Paul H Rice, PGP (11)

Caroline V Maselli (75)

Wendy L Batterton (25)

Donna M Larson (110)

Suzanne L Dana (26)

Evelyn I Montano (20)

Patricia E Kalinauskas (53)

Darlene M. Aubin (75)

Heidi B Webster (57)

Amy J Wrinn (25)

Elizabeth M Warner (57)

George S Graytek (75)

Wayne S. Rettburg (53)

William E Bohman (100)

AIM: Helping those who are not able to help themselves through charity, relief and loving kindness.

MOTTOS: Kindness Matter to Everyone. We are not just an organization, but a way of life.

EMBLEM: Tea cups, Tea pots and Hearts (WGM)

Police, Fire, EMS and M&M's (WGP)


COLORS: Royal Blue (WGM), Black Paisley (WGP)

FLOWERS: Orchid and Daffodils (WGM), Daisey (WGP)

SCRIPTURE: Prov 3:5-6 (WGM), Psalm 23:1-4 (WGP)

Grand Officers Emeritus

Grand Secretary Emeritus

Grand Treasurer Emeritus

Grand Treasurer Emeritus

Meryon S Miner, PGM (53)

Anne-Marie M Ar‚Äčnold, PGM (53)

Francine A Bailey, PGM (53)


How Great Thou Art

Wind Beneath My Wings

Humble and Kind

Here I Am Lord

Amazing Grace

The Little Drummer Boy 

What a Wonderful World


God Bless the USA

Bad Boys

General Grand Chapter Committee Members 2021 - 2024


Robert Morris Relief Fund


General Fund

Community Service


International Headquarters

Regenerative Medicine

Service Dogs


Jeffrey L Wayand, PGP (100)

Maureen R LaPlante, PGM (11)

Shirley L Hungerford, PGM (45)

Jean R Jeanfavre, PGM (110)

Vincent A Kalinauskas, PGP (53)

Maryann D Pronovost, PGM (75)


Service Dogs (CT Police Working Dogs Association)

Tabs for Tots

Youth Scholarships

Rainbow & Demolay

Toys for St Mary's Hospital

Dana Farber Cancer Institute